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The positive business impact of genuine inclusion

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Employers have recognized the importance of acknowledging diversity, equity and inclusion issues in the wake of a renewed national conversation about the topic. Unfortunately, some have failed to do more than that. They're missing the opportunity to create a healthier, stronger business. This year's Diversity, Equity and Inclusion survey underscores what employees need to experience in order to do their best work — and how those experiences provide the greatest benefits to their organizations.

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Key findings in this report include:

  • What a genuine commitment to inclusion has to do with employee health
  • How organizations are missing the mark on DEI efforts
  • What firms that are "getting it right" are doing — and what benefits they're reaping

Companies that are able to attract and retain the best workers, stay flexible and creative and harness insights efficiently will thrive in an increasingly challenging marketplace. Learn the surprising ways to support workers and optimize results.

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